Mr GP Singh and his wife Beena are no strangers to the local restaurant industry. Having opened and run numerous successful eateries throughout the Cape, their extensive experience stands them in good stead for their latest venture.

Located at the recently opened Constantia Emporium in the Constantia Winelands, Patiala Brew & Q is the first restaurant of its kind in South Africa. With an on-site microbrewery on one side and an open-plan kitchen anchored by an impressive plancha cooking station in the middle, the restaurant invites diners to be a part of the action.

Food is prepared on an open-flame, powered solely by wood and charcoal – and thanks to the open-plan layout, guests get to witness the cooking of their chosen cut of meat. The diverse menu, inspired by global tastes and flavours, provides plenty of options for various palates. Adding to the uniqueness is the fact that international chefs join the cooking team every quarter, bringing with them assorted flavour additions and interesting ideas, meaning that the menu is revolving, and changes seasonally. Sourcing ingredients and produce ethically and sustainably, as well as supporting neighbouring local businesses and suppliers, is at the core of Patiala Brew & Q. Mr and Mrs Singh are hands-on owners too – involved in every aspect of the business – from 4 am fruit and vegetable market visits to creating their own spice mixes by hand and, not only taking customer feedback into account but implementing it.

Mr & Mrs Singh

While the restaurant was the concept of the owners, their Swedish business partners, Louis and Brigitte Hedberg, who they met serendipitously, have brought their knowledge of beer and brewing to the table. Having already received rave reviews from local and international connoisseurs alike, the artisanal brews are a must – and perfectly compliment the menu.

The owners have poured their heart and soul into this project and it’s evident in everything they have created – from the considered menu, the friendly but faultless service, the energetic atmosphere and the commitment to keeping things ethical and sustainable.


Our revolving menu has been carefully curated to consist of traceable, ethically sourced grass-fed, aged speciality cuts of meat and organic, seasonal, farm fresh produce. The smoking, firing and grilling is theatrically performed by our dynamic culinary team, over an open centre stage fire-pit, lending to a vibrant buzzing ambiance. Committed to the artistry of crafting beer, Patiala Brewery blends tradition, creativity and boldness to produce an unmatched collection.

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